Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Super Simple Epic Guac - Recipe

This is some EPIC guac, right here, esseh!! It's creamy, avocado-y and delicious, I swear, meng!

Firstly, mash the innards of 1 avocado
Add 1/4 cup of fatfree plain Organic yogurt (Olympia brand, as per usual, is awesome!)
Throw in a dash of cumin, cracked pepper (a sprinkle of salt if you so please)
A few drops of your hot sauce of choice
Squeeze half a lime into the mix
...and stirrrrrr it all up!
Hint: My mother's secret was to add a generous dollop of salsa, so do it up if you have salsa in the fridge.

Enjoy with unsalted Que Pasa chips, awww yeah!

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