Monday, June 6, 2011

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus - Recipe

The hummus addiction continues... This time, with cumin and oregano roasted red peppers!

Preheat that oven to 350, first off...
Throw all these ingredients into a bowl and stirrrrr it up...
2 tbsp olive oil
a few hefty teaspoons each of cumin and oregano
one seeded, quartered red bell pepper
...pour onto a baking sheet, and put that sucker into the oven. Roast those up for a good 25-30 min

In a food processor...
1-2 cups of chickpeas/garbanzo beans (same diff)
a spoonful each of cumin and oregano
lotsa pepper and a pinch sea salt to taste
a shot of rice vinegar
When the peppers are ready, throw them in as well

Serve with unsalted tortilla chips :)

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