Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farm Restaurant in Calgary

This past weekend, my sister was in town! And naturally, both of us being complete foodies, we hit up one of our (many) favourite 17th Ave culinary heavens, FARM. We ordered the Farm salad, a delicate blend of mixed greens, green apple slices, pecans, and aged cheddar, at the same time as their legendary, macaroni and cheese. Now, their macaroni and cheese isn't just any old mac and cheese. They use melt-in-your-mouth, soft, fondue-like cheese with penne noodles mixed in, topped with a crunch of breadcrumbs. This dish has a bit of a jalapeno spice, and its richness will have you needing to share, however this meal is the very definition of foodgasm. http://www.farm-restaurant.com/ Here's their website. If you are ever in the Calgary area and crave cheesy deliciousness, I highly thumbs-up FARM. They have extensive non-veggie choices too, so you can enjoy your amazing Mac&Cheese while your companion may wish to enjoy some local meats.

Another fun part is Farm's proximity to Steeling Home http://steelinghomestore.com/, one of my sister and mine's fave gift goodie shops. They have the cutest jewelry, odd books, and entertaining little gifts and gadgets. Nice place to stop after your meal!

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  1. OMFG!
    Farm is one of the BEST restaurants in Calgary