Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fave Food Places in Banff

Sooo I'm currently participating in this amazing workstudy in Banff! Since living here for 3 months already, I've begun to discover the gems of Banff. Each of my fave places is awarded a different title as follows:

Best Scones, Cake, Baked Goods and all the rest - Wild Flour 
I have dreams about this place. The atmosphere, the smells, the and decor make this place a super chill hang out. By bringing a book with me, I can spend hours reading and snacking and sipping at Wild Flour. Their coconut carrot cake (in the pic above) makes my mouth water just by conjuring an image of it in my mind. Their tea lattes are made with tea from The Banff Tea Company down the street http://www.banffteaco.com/. Some days I can't even handle how great this place is, and I have to leave and recompose myself before returning and ordering a variety of baked goods, intended to last me the week. These usually don't last me until the end of that work day. They make these cookies. Fig and Anise. Sounds wrong and strange, but they taste unreal and so different, that you can't stop! Amazing. And their Mexican chocolate cookies have a pleasant hint of spice. Their scones are also sweet and fruity, I especially love the raspberry ones when they're in. The bread, oh the bread. Their dark beer bread is delicious and I have to stop myself from going overboard on it. Soooooo tasty! The ladies (it's mostly always ladies) who work here are my kinda people too, which makes for good vibes. Overall, I just love this place! It gets nice sunlight too, so reading a book, or just reflecting with a chai tea latte (pictured canoodling next to the coconut carrot cake) are my fave ways to spend a winter/spring afternoon. I'M IN LOVE!

Best Pita - Barpa Bill's http://www.barpabills.com/
There's no menu on their website, in fact it's quite hidden in general. My first time eating here was with my family, and we had only heard of the legend of Barpa Bill's. We found it! Tucked away, sandwiched between a hairdressing salon and a skigear shop, a small tiled room, with smells of souvlaki wafting about. They have fantastic meat options too if you are accompanied by a carnivore, or you wish to cheat a little on your vegetarian ways. I personally have a love affair with their veggie pita. Warm roasted red peppers, onions, and lettuce packed and rolled into a pita. The creamy tzadziki can get a little messy, as it will ooze from the bottom until you master the Pita Grip, but no complaints about copious tzadziki, as it is super tasty. You can also buy their hummus to take home. This unsuspecting, basically fast-food joint is a winner.

Best Vegeterian Comfort Food - Nourish Bistro http://nourishbistro.com/contact.html
I love this place, especially because they make their hearty veggie sharing meals for delivery as well! Their King Kong Noodles kick ass and their Falafel salad (pictured above, topped with an edible flower) is large and very filling. Their plates are intended for sharing, but I have in the past polished off a plate myself. Their drinks are also sweet and delicious! Their Kundalini Ice Whip is basically a veggie-and-fruit smoothie, with the added touch of a few cute cannabis leaf-shaped ice cubes. They also have a liquor license and serve nice wines and such, which makes some people very happy. The decor is funky too! The ceiling is embellished with a lovely tree with flowers painting and the wall colour is very warm and accommodating. It's a little hard to find, as it's on the 2nd floor of this small mall on the main street in Banff, but totally worth it once found!

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