Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Intro

Hey you! Welcome to my lovely little veggie food blog deal. I started my version of vegetarianism in my second year of university, when I moved into a townhouse with a kitchen! I'd always looooved cooking, and so I was able to get all experimental with the wonderful world of food when I moved into my new place. I'm one of those vegetarians who admittedly cheats once in a while... I also don't give you heck for not being veggie, there be no hatin' round here, just the spreading of love for quality fooood :)

I like to throw some of my own pics in with the recipes. I hope you try some of these recipes out! .....or just have a "foodgasm" looking at and reading, your call. I also love getting feedback; so any comments, requests, other items of that nature, I really appreciate hearing them!

I encourage you to get crafty and creative with your food. You will notice I don't give many exact measurements unless totally necessary to the success of the dish. I feel that everyone is different and has different preferences in terms of quantity of an ingredient, etc. I just give suggestions! The recipes are approximate measurements for a one or two-person portion, so multiply by however many people you may be cooking for

I hope some of the recipes on here open your mind, for instance, certain ingredients that actually rock together, that you couldn't imagine working out together previously.

Anywaaaaays, get cookin!

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